What is Toughened Glass?

Toughened Glass, also known as Tempered Glass refers to float glass that has been tempered at very high temperatures to create a stronger and safer glass.

What is a DGU?

DGU, also known as a Double Glazing Unit comprises two panes of glasses that have been sealed together with gas in between. These are highly sound and heat resistant and thus are regularly used for Windows in High Rise Buildings.

What is the difference between Toughened and Annealed Glass (i.e. Float Glass)?

Toughened Glass is up to 5 times stronger than Float Glass. If broken, Toughened Glass breaks into small granular pieces instead of large chunks that is characteristic of float glass.

What are the benefits of Toughened Glass?

It is stronger and more durable, thus it does not break very easily and can be used for all purposes. It is suitable for all products because of its strength and if broken, shatters into small granules which are not harmful.

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